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Span Logo best recruitment company people solution agency
Span Logo best recruitment company people solution agency

Span Liaison & Allied Services, the best recruitment company in PUNJAB, CHANDIGARH, MOHALI, HIMACHAL PRADESH, BADDI, HARYANA, GURUGRAM, DELHI and a shining example in the recruitment industry, especially for those looking to hire skilled workers in North India. This premier outsourcing and recruitment firm has over 20 years of experience, and they have mastered the art of matching qualified candidates with suitable companies. As a creative placement agency, their talented managers and recruiters are skilled at ensuring that the right candidate and company match. SPAN’s success is mainly due to its deeply embedded ethics, culture, and emphasis on teamwork.

Why Choose SPAN ?

The SPAN Liaison, the best recruitment company in Mohali, provides extensive coverage for all functional levels, including middle, upper, and junior executives. Their staffing recruitment services serve numerous industrial sectors, including telecom, pharmaceutical, real estate, IT, engineering, automotive, FMCG, construction, chemical, and petroleum.

The foundation of SPAN’s strategy for matching job seekers with employers is its dedication to delivering top-notch professional services. Quality, integrity, trust, and commitment are the company’s guiding principles, which guarantee that the needs of its clients are always put first. By putting the needs of its clients first, SPAN can establish dependable connections and efficiently screen profiles, helping its clients find the best candidates.

There are many reasons why SPAN is well-liked in the recruiting and HR fields:

1. Wide Experience

SPAN has over 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry and a deep understanding of the market, which helps it handle various hiring challenges and workforce requirements.

2. Wide Industry Reach

The company’s services are available in industries such as FMCG, real estate, IT, telecom, construction, engineering, automotive, and chemicals, demonstrating their flexibility and adaptability.

3. Particular Staffing Solutions

SPAN responds to the changing needs of businesses, particularly in uncertain times or about particular project requirements, by providing both temporary and permanent placements and customised staffing services.

4. Full Recruitment Lifecycle Management

SPAN oversees all facets of the hiring process, guaranteeing a seamless and practical hiring experience, from finding qualified candidates to integrating and on-boarding them.

5. Technological Advancement

SPAN sets itself apart in workforce management and recruitment by streamlining multiple business processes through cutting-edge web-based software solutions.

6. Training and Development Expertise

SPAN, a pioneer, provides thorough employee training programs that guarantee industry compliance and advanced abilities.

7. Firm Cultural and Ethical Principles

The company has gained credibility and trust in the industry through its dedication to culture, ethics, and teamwork.

8. Client-Centric Approach

SPAN excels at matching highly qualified candidates and fostering enduring relationships by comprehending and prioritising the needs of its clients.

9. Proven Track Record

SPAN’s success speaks for itself, as evidenced by the placement of over 100000 technical / non-technical candidates, the satisfaction of over 1000 clients, and the expansion of its family to over 100 members.

10. Sector-Specific Consulting Services

SPAN provides strategies and insights specifically designed for retail, power, and hospitality industries.
SPAN is regarded as a broad, dependable, and experienced partner in hiring and managing human resources. They demonstrate their overall experience in the field by efficiently handling a wide range of staffing needs across multiple industries.

Services That SPAN Offers

The broad range of services offered by SPAN highlights its flexibility across multiple industries:

– Temporary Staffing Solutions: SPAN provides temporary staffing services, offering specialised staffing consultants to create specific business strategies. SPAN recognizes the difficulties businesses face in adapting to market demands and government regulations.

– Recruitment Services: SPAN is a best recruitment company in North India, offering comprehensive solutions for every stage of the hiring process, from finding candidates to onboarding them.

– Hospitality Services: SPAN prioritizes safety and hygiene while providing a range of services from luxurious to necessary, all while adapting to the changing needs of the hospitality industry.

– Retail Services: SPAN has established a reputation for itself in this field by collaborating with well-known brands, fusing digital and physical retail experiences, and emphasizing customer interaction and digital marketing tactics.

– Training and Development Services: SPAN helps to maintain consistent requirements for employee growth and skill development by providing OJT training.

– Manpower Consultancy: SPAN offers comprehensive solutions and expertise, with a focus on assisting clients in succeeding in the power, retail, and hospitality sectors.

Contact details:

Address: SCF 47, Top Floor, Phase 10, Opp. Sillvi Park, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Mohali, Punjab 160062.
Phone:  +91-9815700627


In conclusion, SPAN is the best recruitment company in India and a significant player in the Indian hiring and HRM sectors. With over 20 years of experience, the business has proven to have unmatched knowledge of staffing solutions in various industries, such as engineering, hospitality, IT, and telecommunications. More than 1000 clients have been satisfied by their ability to successfully place over 100000 candidates thanks to their dedication to quality, integrity, and client-centric services. SPAN’s success is rooted in its commitment to culture, ethics, and teamwork, which elevates the company from a service provider to a reliable partner in workforce management and recruitment solutions.